The Ocean of Tomorrow   

Together with the Viken Technology Cluster and SAMS, Energy Valley has taken the initiative for the project “The Ocean of Tomorrow”. The three clusters complement each other and can facilitate new value propositions and value chains. The starting point for the collaboration is the EU project Horizon 2020 Green Offshore Tech aimed at SMEs.    


The purpose is to support innovation in small and medium-sized enterprises and promote the development of the emerging Blue Economy industries through cross-sectoral and cross-border value chains based on common challenges and the deployment of key technologies.  

The project will contribute to building new expertise on that which already exists in the three clusters and connect this with the opportunities in the Green Offshore Tech project. The result will be new technology, new products, increased market knowledge, and an increased international network for the cluster companies. 



Bjørn Ottar Elseth

Phone: +47 905 74 985