Estonia-Norway Visionary Report  

Norway and Estonia are small countries but have both demonstrated important capabilities on a global scene. Estonia is a dynamic reformer with the use of digital technologies, and Norway is a major energy producer and maritime nation.   

The Russian aggression and full-scale invasion of Ukraine have dramatically changed the security situation in our Nordic-Baltic region. More than ever, close partners and neighbors Estonia and Norway must establish closer cooperation to support the green transition towards an economy based on sustainable and climate-neutral energy.   

The Visionary Report will aim to identify best policy practices, untapped business opportunities or possible bottlenecks, and joint research cooperation in the fields of renewable energy and green transition.   


Areas in focus 

  • Renewable energy technologies, including storage (pumped storage, hydrogen, etc)  
  • Social Acceptance of green transition and new energy plants  
  • Green transition in the transport sector (promoting electric transport, hydrogen in transport)  
  • Management of national resources to increase national welfare (oil and gas in Norway, critical minerals in Estonia)  
  • Energy efficiency, including digitalization, demand, and response  
  • CCS  

Our aim is a more integrated and sustainable Nordic-Baltic region.  

The report will be presented before the Norwegian and Estonian prime ministers Jonas Gahr Støre and Kaja Kallas in January 2023 Energy Valley will also organize a Norwegian energy delegation of businesses to go to Estonia in 2023.    


Chief Commercial Officer (Singapore)

Preben Strøm

Phone: +47 911 758 66