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On June 11th, the government of Norway published its Report to the Storting (White Paper) Putting Energy to Work. The White Paper sets out how Norway can use its energy resources to create continued economic growth and new jobs. By 2025 the government wishes to establish 5 to 10 pilot projects. These projects are for the development and demonstration of new and more cost-effective hydrogen solutions and technologies. Deep Purple is presented as one of the pilot projects in the White Paper.

Deep Purple wishes to help accelerate the energy transition, build expertise in hydrogen technology, and increase employment in sustainable markets. Using existing offshore infrastructure is an environmental benefit. The project will have major ripple effects for the supplies industry, and has the potential to create more than 6,600 new jobs in Norwegian companies by 2030. By transferring knowledge from the oil and gas industry, new jobs in renewable energy will be created.

The consortium partners consist of Technip FMC, Vattenfall, Repsol, SINTEF, NEL, USN, Umoe, KANFA, ABB, Slåttland, DNV, GCE Ocan Technology, Arena Ocean Hyway Cluster and Energy Valley.

TechnipFMC is in the process of realizing a pilot facility at Kongsberg with help from the consortium.

For more information contact Tonje Fingalsen Istad,

Deep Purple

Offshore energy, powered by green hydrogen.

Deep Purple is a project that uses offshore wind energy to produce hydrogen from seawater. With proven technologies it can deliver stable, renewable and scalable energy in the ocean space. The hydrogen can be stored as high-capacity battery and be re-electrified, and can then offer power to off-grid consumers like remote islands and offshore installations.

It can be challenging to store energy generated from renewable sources. But Deep Purple overcomes this challenge. Wind turbines and offshore hydrogen technologies make up the system which produce, store and transport energy in the form of pressurized green hydrogen. Distributing these systems is critical for accelerating the energy transition. In the core of the energy transition lies the need to reduce energy-related COemissions to limit climate change.

Energy Tech Accelerator

Techstars, one of the world-leading accelerator programs and networks supporting entrepreneurs in commercializing technologies, is establishing an energy focused accelerator in Norway. The cluster’s large member base and infrastructure is an opportunity to help Norwegian startups into the program, as well as attracting international startups to the region. Energy Valley can take the position as a unique proving ground for new technology and solutions, as well as a recruiting arena for program mentors.

For more information, contact Project Manager Katrine Vetlesen

NCE Energy Technology

NCE Energy Technology is a development project to accelerate the energy transformation and foster unique cross-industry collaborations to create value and advance innovative technologies in energy and beyond.

Addressing the grand challenge of energy sustainability facing the world, many of the largest, international industry companies serving the global energy market are currently in transition, officially supporting the Paris Agreement and stating goals for reducing CO2 emissions and other contributions to a greener, low-carbon energy future.

This reality calls for innovation and advanced technology development for cost-effective, sustainable production of natural resources and a transformation of the energy industry. To Energy Valley this represents a unique opportunity to strengthen and develop Norway’s leading position as an energy nation, and contribute to a sustainable energy future.

The NCE-project will operate through 4 strategic focus areas:

  • Sustainability
  • Accelerating Innovation
  • Digital Transformation
  • New Markets & Technology Transfer