Energy Valley

Energy Valley is a competence and technology cluster that exists to make new opportunities for the Norwegian energy industry. We serve members within renewables, digital solutions, and oil & gas in transition to net-zero. Our vision is to drive innovation and sustainable growth in the energy sector, and to develop Norway as a global center for energy technology.


How we operate

We enable collaboration between our members, which includes energy companies, research institutions, technology firms, and public bodies, primarily concentrated in the capital region.


Energy Valley creates arenas where our members and partners can network to share ideas and knowledge. During the year we host conferences, seminars, and workshops – giving our members and stakeholders the opportunity to exchange ideas, build networks, and explore new business opportunities.


We take on projects from local authorities, Innovation Norway, and the EU, which drive innovation and create new opportunities for the energy industry. We strive to involve our members in our projects whenever possible.

Our platform for energy innovation

The Energy Invented platform offers office facilities, and a valuable industrial network for start-ups, growth companies, and the SME segment within energy technology.

Access to an international network of experts

As a member of Energy Valley, you are a part of the World Energy Council (WEC) Norway. Through WEC Norway you get access to a global network platform, an international network of experts, insights into national and international energy issues, and global events such as the World Energy Congress, Energy Trilemma Summit, and more. We invite you to contribute your topics to our international network of experts and benefit from our global platform – in a fact-based discussion context!


What is a cluster?

Clusters like Energy Valley play a vital role in connecting stakeholders from business, academia, government, finance, and start-up environments to drive creation and implementation of innovative and sustainable energy solutions. 

Through collaboration and knowledge exchange, we become a dynamic force that promotes sustainable development and enhances the competitiveness of the energy industry.


Chief Commercial Officer (Singapore)

Preben Strøm

Head of Projects and Administration

Vibeke Østlyngen

Head of Innovation and Ecosystem

Ola Thorud Jacobsen

Communication Advisor

Helena Snare Jensby

Event and Membership Advisor

Emilie Tryggestad Ryste

EU Advisor

Knut Linnerud



Energy Valley is a technology cluster that through collaboration increases our member companies’ competitive advantage, through internationalization and innovation.