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About Us

Energy Valley is an industry-driven technology cluster and has status as the Norwegian Center of Expertise (NCE) in energy technology from Innovation Norway.

The cluster has national status, with a concentration of cluster members in the capital region (Notodden, Kongsberg, Asker, Bærum, Oslo, and Halden).

Energy Valley runs several industrial development and innovation projects and export activities as part of Team Norway and through direct collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The cluster is also the largest owner in the incubator Energy Invented, which has recently been established as an AS and has applied for admission to SIVA’s incubator program. Additionally, Energy Valley is the Norwegian representative and member committee of the World Energy Council.

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Energy Valley is a technology cluster that through collaboration increases our member companies’ competitive advantage, through internationalization and innovation. We welcome applications from relevant new members to the cluster.

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