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Become a member

As a member of Energy Valley, you become part of a large network of world-leading companies and institutions in the field of energy technology. With a center of gravity in the greater Oslo region.

Networking: Get introduced to new and relevant people, organizations, and thoughts.

Door opening and match-making: Get help to identify and connect with the right people in the industry, academia, and public sector/politics.

Competence development: Gain new insight and knowledge on topics of relevance to you and your organization.

Addressing technology needs: Participate in technical projects and workshops across industries, value chains, and sectors. Get help accessing R&D project funds.

Business development: Meet potential suppliers, clients, partners, and professionals, and grow your business.

Community development: Be part of and contribute to the development of the regional energy technology industry and eco-system in the greater capital region of Norway.

Promotion of synergies and economies of scale: We foster cooperation and knowledge sharing. By working more closely together we work smarter and more effectively across the value chain.

Registration fee

NOK 5.000 for companies with revenue below NOK 2million/year

NOK 10.000 for companies with revenue above NOK 2million/year

Annual membership fee

NOK 5 500   – Revenue below NOK 2 million/year

NOK 11 000 – Revenue between NOK 2-50 million/year

NOK 16 500 – Revenue between NOK 50-100 million/year

NOK 27 500 – Revenue between NOK 100-500 million/year

NOK 38 500 – Revenue between NOK 500-999 million/year

NOK 55 000 – Revenue above NOK 1 billion/year

Your membership is active on a yearly basis (1.1-31.12) until formal written notice is given. If notice is given within December 31, the membership fee will not be invoiced for the following year. The full membership fee will be charged for the year of withdrawal.

The Energy Valley membership conditions and fees are set by the Energy Valley Annual Meeting.

When registering after June 1, only half of the annual membership fee will be invoiced.

Interested in becoming a member?

Energy Valley is a technology cluster that through collaboration increases our member companies’ competitive advantage, through internationalization and innovation. We welcome applications from relevant new members to the cluster.