Welcome to the new Energy Valley website!


For the past months we have worked closely with Energy Valley member Stem Agency on new webpages and an update and expansion of the Energy Valley brand identity. The new identity has been gradually adapted over the past few months, and now we can finally show you the real gem in process, our new webpage.

We hope that the new website will bring value to both our members, and anyone interested in what we do, bringing better user-friendliness and clarity. The expansion of the brand also brings elements to it that will make Energy Valley more recognizable and lead to a more consistent identity, visually connecting the website, our social media channels, presentations, and everything else we do.

Stem Agency is a digital design and communication agency that has helped us at Energy Valley with updated branding and a new and user-friendly website. In connection with the launch of our new website, Stem Agency offers all members a 1-hour free workshop where they can assess your branding, positioning and web, and assist with tasks regarding overall communication, graphic profile, and website.

Book a meeting here: English | Norwegian