Welcome Knut Linnerud: Enhancing Energy Valley’s EU Engagement

We are delighted to welcome Knut Linnerud as our new EU Advisor at Energy Valley. With his extensive background and valuable skills, Knut is set to enhance our cluster both within Norway and on the EU stage.

As an EU Advisor, Knut will lead the development and implementation of strategic initiatives to maximize our engagement and success in EU programs. His role will involve identifying member needs, enhancing collaborations, and conducting workshops to deepen our members’ understanding of EU opportunities.

Knut has a strong entrepreneurial spirit, evident from his experience as a serial entrepreneur, the founder and leader of Arena H2Cluster, and his role in shaping international strategies as a Senior Business Developer at Greenstat. His project management expertise includes energy optimization initiatives and cross-border Interreg projects.

With a master’s in Architecture and Management, specializing in business economics, green growth, and competitiveness, Knut combines creativity, execution capability, and business acumen. This interdisciplinary approach will be key in mobilizing EU project resources and developing strategic initiatives.

In light of Håkon Haugli’s recent Innovation Speech, which emphasized the importance of Norwegian businesses being proactive and commercially active in Europe, Knut’s role is more relevant than ever. His appointment comes at a time when Norway needs to accelerate its green transition and strengthen its collaboration in digitalization and artificial intelligence with European partners. Knut’s expertise will be instrumental in identifying and maximizing EU opportunities, particularly in Horizon Europe and the European Innovation Council (EIC) funding programs.