Meet the new faces of Energy Valley

From the left: Ola Thorud Jacobsen, Helena Snare Jensby, Bjørn Ottar Elseth, Vibeke Østlyngen.

Meet the new faces of Energy Valley

As we turn the page on a year marked by change, Energy Valley is excited to introduce our dynamic new team. With a wealth of experience and fresh perspectives, they are ready to lead Energy Valley towards a new chapter filled with innovation and collaboration. Meet the faces driving Energy Valley’s journey forward.

Bringing over two decades of industry experience, Bjørn Ottar Elseth steps into the role of CEO with a rich background from aerospace, communications, and energy. His strategic vision and extensive network will be instrumental in exploring the vast potential of the energy transition and leveraging Energy Valley’s resources to the benefit of all members.

Our new Head of Innovation and Ecosystem is Ola Thorud Jacobsen. Ola’s unique background in cluster management and startup collaboration positions him strongly to foster innovation within our ecosystem. Ola focuses on enhancing collaboration between startups and established players, driving innovation and knowledge exchange between Energy Valley’s members across the value chain.

Vibeke Østlyngen, our Head of Projects and Administration, has over 25 years of experience in the shipping and maritime sector. Her expertise in operations, strategy, and market intelligence will play a key role in navigating complex projects. Vibeke is looking forward to developing Energy Valley further to bring value to members and partners alike.

From top left: Bjørn Ottar Elseth, Preben Strøm, Ola Thorud Jacobsen, Vibeke Østlyngen, Helena Snare Jensby, Emilie Ryste.

Helena Snare Jensby, our Communication Advisor, brings a holistic perspective honed through international experience and interdisciplinary studies. With a background in stakeholder communication and international network development, Helena is eager to convey the stories of Energy Valley’s members and promote Norway’s energy transformation.

Our Chief Commercial Officer, Preben Strøm, remains a devoted figure in Energy Valley.

With our team in Norway and Preben holding fort in Singapore, we joke that Energy Valley never sleeps — we are operational almost 24/7, thanks to our global time zone coverage!

In addition, we recently engaged a new Event and Membership Advisor, Emilie Ryste. She comes from a backgrodund in International Management, sustainable concept development, and green hydrogen. Emilie will play a crucial role in facilitating the events and meeting places that bring together our various stakeholders.

Together, we look forward to serving members and embracing the opportunities that await for the cluster and the Norwegian energy industry.

You can read more about Energy Valley and our administration here.