Join H2 Value Chain Conference 2023

15 – 16 Nov00:00 – 00:00
Gamle Logen, Oslo

Join the forefront of Norway’s hydrogen sector as the global hydrogen economy shapes the energy transition. Urged by the UN climate panel, industry expectations center on emissions reduction through innovation and collaboration. Norway’s unique energy expertise in oil, gas, hydropower, and technology demands leadership, cooperation, and seizing extraordinary opportunities.

The hydrogen economy is being established across the globe as a vital part of the energy transition. The change cannot happen fast enough, according to the UN climate panel. The industry has an expectation to deliver emission reductions through new technology, new supply chains, and this will require leadership and collaboration. Hydrogen is seen as a vital part of the transition. Norway as an energy nation, has a unique position through our position in oil & gas, hydropower, and technology development. Are we rising to the occasion? Can we jump the hurdles? Do we see the enormous opportunity? Do we as leaders in hydrogen collaborate and lead, domestically, and internationally to create the extraordinary results that are necessary?

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