Energy Valley at Arendalsuka 

Photo: Mona Hauglid.

Energy Valley invites you to a panel discussion about the future of renewable energy in Norway at Arendalsuka. 

The event, hosted in collaboration with SINTEF, SEB, and Capgemini, will be held at one of the largest venues at Arendalsuka, Arendal Kino, with a capacity of 260. 

What does the future have to bring for renewable energy? Norway has a unique position to take the lead in the global transition to renewables. But are we about to fall behind? Will we remain an oil producer, or will we be able to make the transition? And what is needed to accelerate this transition to both reach net-zero goals and make new jobs? 

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These, and other questions will be debated the panel discussion, named “Bli med på en spennende reise inn i fremtidens fornybare energilandskap.” Leaders from the industry, finance, and academia will provide their views on the matter. 

The event, taking place at Bærekraftscenen in Arendal, will last from 20:30 to 21:30, after which light refreshments will be served – providing a venue for socialization. 

At the event, you will meet the EVP at Capgemini Invent, Karl Thomas Reinertsen, Country Manager Norway at SEB, John Turesson, Head of Strategic Export Priorities at Innovation Norway, Eli Wærum Rognerud, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) at ZEG Power, Kathrine Ryengen, CEO at Siemens AS and Managing Director Siemens Smart Infrastructure Nordic & Baltic, Nils Klippenberg, and lastly, Executive Vice President Sustainability at SINTEF, Nils Røkke.