Empower New Energy and Jet Energy Unveils Cutting-Edge Solar Power Plant in Mediounafor the Moroccan Poultry Leader – Zalar Holding

November 13, 2023 – Empower New Energy, in collaboration with Zalar Holding and Jet Energy, is delighted to announce the inauguration of a cutting-edge solar photovoltaic rooftop plant at Zalar’s Agro-Industrial facility in Mediouna, situated within the Casablanca region. This marks Empower New Energy’s entry into the Moroccan market. The event was attended by His Excellency, Mr. Sjur Larsen, the Norwegian Ambassador to Morocco.

The successful implementation of the 828 kWp Mediouna plant is the first among a series of four rooftop solar installations for Zalar Holding, with a combined capacity of 2.5 MWp, representing an investment of approximately $2 million. The three remaining installations, each nearing 90% completion, are located in Fes (El Alf), Nouasseur (Banchereau), and Had Soualem (Dindy). Together, these four plants will generate an impressive 3.76 GWh of clean and sustainable electricity annually, effectively powering all four of Zalar’s subsidiaries.

Zalar Holding, an innovative leader in Morocco’s poultry sector, is poised to benefit greatly from this abundant source of clean energy. The project is expected to reduce approximately 2,300 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually, equivalent to about 37,000 tonnes of CO2 over its lifetime. In addition to its positive environmental impact, the initiative is projected to create and protect over 100 job opportunities, including direct and indirect positions.

Empower New Energy is proud to announce the completion of the first phase of Zalar Holding‘s rooftop solar installations is just the beginning of a much larger vision. With three more projects in the pipeline, Zalar Holding is on track to reach a combined capacity of 2.5 MWp. These projects will be strategically situated across various locations, further amplifying their impact on local communities and bringing renewable energy benefits to a wider population,” Empower New Energy writes on LinkedIn.