Team Norway’s Energetic Future – Britain & Norway

25 – 26 Oct11:30 – 21:00
Port of Tyne and Gateshead / Newcastle

We can only achieve our ambitious goals by strengthening existing partnerships. Last year’s shock to the energy markets highlighted the need for sufficient and stable energy supplies, and markets remain extremely vulnerable.

The United Kingdom is committed to becoming a “clean energy superpower” by the end of this decade. Norway has the resources and emerging technologies to support the United Kingdom in achieving its goal.

Looking ahead, increased collaboration between researchers, businesses, and governments will need to be developed. The event will emphasise the significance of cross-border cooperation between the UK and Norway, starting with whole-system thinking and digging into the industrial clusters, new technologies and wind.

You will be able to network with attendees ranging from regional and local government, policymakers and politicians to energy companies and suppliers from both Norway and the UK; investor companies; British and Norwegian clusters; industry bodies/organisations; academia, accelerators and incubators.

See the program and read more at the event website.