Can You Sleep Soundly Not Knowing Where and Who has Access to Your Business-Critical Data?

07 – 07 Jun08:00 – 11:00
Aker Tech House

In the energy industry, the blend of AI and hybrid cloud tech brings exciting possibilities, but also some big headaches. One major headache? Pressing concerns surrounding data ownership, control, and access — issues that keep many industry leaders and CTOs up at night.

Can you sleep soundly not knowing where and who has access to your business-critical data?

Think about the streams of customer information, operational data, datasets, and sensor readings from IoT devices. Now throw AI into the mix, and deal with ownership ambiguity, complex data ecosystems, data privacy, and ethical considerations.

With data scattered across various cloud setups, from public to private to hybrid clouds, there is also ample opportunity for sneaky security gaps to emerge. Cyber threats lurk around every corner, waiting to exploit vulnerabilities and compromise sensitive information.

What is more, regulatory frameworks like GDPR and AI Act carry significant implications for data management and processing, and non-compliant companies risk hefty fines and a dent in their reputation.

Against this backdrop, we invite our speakers from DNV, OTee, Advania, HPE, The Norwegian National Security Authority (NSM), and Thommessen to address the following questions:

  • How do you approach the issue of data ownership, control, and access across hybrid cloud and AI scenarios?
  • With whom do you seek collaboration or dialogue to address these challenges effectively?
  • What (or who) are the primary threats or risks associated with data governance in the energy industry?

Join us for a real “Energy Boost” hosted by Energy Valley in collaboration with HPE and Intel, from 8:00-11:00 at Aker Tech House on June 7th. The first hour promises great coffee, breakfast, and networking opportunities. From 9:00 onwards, listen to expert insights, and engage in interactive panel debates and lively discussions.

Who knows, maybe after this event, you’ll finally get that good night’s sleep you’ve been dreaming of.


Anna Lind, Enterprise Security Architect at Advania

Henrik Pedersen, CEO at OTee

Patrick Couch, Sales Specialist HPC & AI at HPE

AI Expert at DNV

Eli Karine Navestad, and Christopher Sparre-Enger Clausen, lawyers at Thommessen

Managing the legal risks of boardroom- and management personal liability in terms of data, cyber security and AI.

The Norwegian National Security Authority (NSM)

Moderator – Paul Morgan, Director Cloud & AI Services at HPE

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