Enernite Joins Energy Invented Office Space for the Summer

Enernite from left: Marius Hofgaard, Mikkel Stårvik, Erling Olweus, Vegard J. Løwe and Fredrik Moger. Harald Tryti Rieber is also part of the team. Photo: Hans Jakob Heimvoll.

The start-up Enernite is joining the Energy Invented office space for the summer while building up their spatial analysis software. 

“Energy Invented provides, in our opinion, the best infrastructure for ambitious entrepreneurs within the energy space with great internet, good office facilities, a gym, and a great cafeteria. Additionally, the people are pretty amazing as well,” says Co-Founder & CEO at Enernite, Fredrik Moger. 

The two-year-old start-up launched with an ambition to make a site screening tool for renewables but quickly realized that they could expand to be the first all-in-one geographic information system (GIS) tool on the web. Get to know Enernite here. 

 “GIS is complex and requires specialized knowledge. Only about 2 million people worldwide work as GIS professionals, while billions of users depend on information with a location component. And that’s what we’re going to change,” says Moger.  

The company wants to make spatial analysis accessible to everyone. 

“We want to empower everyone, especially any office worker who depends on IT tools, to build what they need themselves. Quickly, simply, and inexpensively. And this gets the Enernite team up in the morning and working hard every day,” says Moger. 

The innovation platform Energy Invented offers office facilities, innovation, and business development programs as well as a valuable industrial network for start-ups, growth companies, and the SME segment within energy technology. Energy Invented is run by Energy Valley.