Energy Valley partners with Slush’D Energy

Energy Valley partners with Slush’D Energy

In the vibrant city of Mandal, nestled on the southern coast of Norway, a groundbreaking event is set to unfold the 14th of March 2024 – Slush’D Energy, a sub-conference of the renowned Slush gathering. Project manager and initiator, Ole Henrik Golf, looks forward to gathering around 1000 attendees for what might be the start of yearly energy conference in Mandal.

Mandal is one out of five cities to host Slush’D in 2024

Slush stands tall as one of the world’s largest and most important conferences for startups, investors, and emerging technologies, attracting nearly 20,000 attendees annually to Helsinki.

Out of 108 global contenders, Mandal has secured its place as one of the five cities to host Slush’D this year, merging the dynamic startup scene with the evolving energy sector.

Ole Henrik Golf, the visionary behind this venture, assures that it’s not just another energy conference – it’s different!

“We have combined the startup scene with the energy sector – creating a unique gathering of early-stage green tech, international investors and industry leaders. Expect world class speakers, three stages, 1:1 pre-booked meetings, Skagerak Investor Lounge, a startup EXPO area, food courts and bars and of course an awesome afterparty,” Golf explains.

According to Ole Henrik, the idea for Slush’D Energy in Mandal took root during a visit to Slush’D in Århus two years ago. Convinced they could outshine their Danish counterparts (with all due respect), Ole Henrik and his team are now committed to delivering an event that surpasses expectations.

Partnering with Energy Valley – A natural fit

Golf expresses, “Partnering with Energy Valley was a no brainer. Their expertise in the energy field along with a world class network of companies, was for sure something we wanted to be present at Slush’D Energy in Mandal. Our hope is that this is the start of an exciting and long journey together.”

Head of Innovation and Ecosystem at Energy Valley, Ola Thorud Jacobsen, is very impressed that Ole Henrik and the team managed to get Slush’D to Mandal. With its focus on energy, Energy Valley eagerly partners with Slush’D Energy to create a unique conference experience lasting beyond 2024.

Energy Valley is going the extra mile, quite literally, by dedicating a bus exclusively for its members, ensuring easy access from Oslo to Mandal. Jacobsen sees this journey as more than just a commute, stating, “This is also a good opportunity to network and get to know other members even better – and we might have some surprises along the way.”

Energy Valley will be quite visible at the conference, Jacobsen adds. “We will be on the main stage and our startups will showcase their businesses for investors in the Startup Expo Area.”

Ola encourages everyone who is interested in Slush’D Energy to sign up today.