Energizing Renewables: A Call to Action for Talent Acquisition Experts

Energizing Renewables: A Call to Action for Talent Acquisition Experts

Norway’s commitment to achieving its climate targets necessitates a strategic pivot towards renewable energy. This transition, critical for our sustainable future, faces a significant hurdle: the need to attract and retain skilled professionals in the renewable energy sector.

In Norway, the renewable energy industry is currently grappling with a talent crisis, marked by intense competition, escalating salaries, and high turnover rates. These challenges complicate recruitment processes, hinder the development of strong corporate cultures, and disrupt business continuity, highlighting a pressing need for specialized workforce solutions.

Therefore, we will launch an initiative this spring to address the critical question: How can we more effectively recruit talent into this growing sector?

In collaboration with our partner Stem Agency, we will host a workshop in April that will bring together stakeholders from various organizations within the renewable energy field to share insights and strategies on attracting talent from other industries, engaging students coming directly from education, and drawing upon international expertise.

Drawing from the workshop’s discussions, we will form theories which will be further explored through an extensive survey amongst people with recruitment responsibilities in the renewable energy sector. We are excited to unveil the findings of this survey during Arendalsuka 2024 and invite all interested parties to join us. 

Photo: Stem Agency

Your expertise and insights will provide valuable input for understanding how to overcome the challenges of talent acquisition in this rapidly evolving landscape. By attending, you will be able to share your experiences, generate ideas, network with industry peers, and contribute to shaping the future workforce of the renewable energy sector in Norway.

Statnett and ZEG have already committed to the workshop. Don’t miss this opportunity to contribute to a sustainable future. Sign up for the workshop today and be part of the solution in making renewable energy the cornerstone of Norway’s climate strategy.

The workshop will be conducted in Fornebu on the 9th of April at 2 pm. Save the date!

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