Empower New Energy and Adaptis Energy Kenya Teaming Up to Solarize Africa

CEO of Empower New Energy, Terje Osmundsen and Group Chief Executive Officer at The Adaptis Group Africa, Kenneth Mantu.

Empower New Energy – one of the companies connected to the Energy Invented platform – this week signed a development partnership agreement with Adaptis Energy Kenya to bring clean, sustainable, and reliable energy solutions to the African continent.  

With this strategic collaboration, both companies will leverage their proficiency in the solar energy sector to revolutionize the way businesses in Africa harness power from the sun. 

The partnership will enable the installation of high-quality, cutting-edge solar panels at commercial and small- to medium-sized enterprises, bringing enormous benefits such as lowered energy costs, reduced carbon footprint, and increased energy independence for these businesses. 

“By joining hands, Empower New Energy and Adaptis Energy Kenya are committed to promoting a greener, more sustainable future for Africa and accelerating the continent’s transition towards renewable energy. The pairing of these two incredibly innovative and environmentally focused organizations not only paves the way for cleaner energy solutions but also holds immense promise for the planet,” Empower New Energy writes on LinkedIn.