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– We need to show what we can achieve by working together

Foto: Linea Bancel
By Linea Bancel|Published 05 August 2021|Category: News

Meet our new Head of Business Development, Daniel Miravalles Diez! We had a chat with him about what tasks he has set out to fulfill.

– My goal is to increase the business opportunities for our cluster members. I want to increase the interaction between members, as well as the number of members. There is a lot of value in being part of Energy Valley, and we need to work on our visibility so that potential members also see this.

Daniel Miravalles Diez comes from Aker Solutions where he has been a Senior Project Engineer for the past three years. He has eight years of experience as an interdisciplinary project engineer and deputy lead engineer in the energy and construction industry.

– We are working on plenty of activities that will open up new possibilities for our cluster members. Members need to meet and get to know each other to improve the collaboration, get new insights and take advantage of our unique position as a cluster.

Daniel is both a civil engineer and a mining engineer. He took the two degrees at the same time and graduated with the Award of Excellence. He has worked in Norway, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Spain, and Poland.

– We need to strengthen the internal market, as well as get more interaction between clusters nationally and internationally. We need to be aware that we are based in Norway, but to some extent the market is limited, therefore it is crucial for the members to reach global opportunities.

– Some of the companies see each other as competition, and some of them actually are in some aspects, but most of them are not. I believe it will be beneficial to show what we can achieve by working together as a cluster, rather than a group of individual companies. The dialogue with the public authorities is also key to accelerate the energy transition. They are a crucial player as policymakers, so we are looking forward to fruitful conversations and collaboration with them.

Welcome to the team, Daniel!