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Vipo acquires French green chemistry firm Demeta

From left: Sebastian Araujo, Eirik Simonsen, Thor Hegg Eriksen and Mathieu Rouen. Photo: Vipo.
By Linea Bancel|Published 09 February 2023|Category: News

Energy Valley member Vipo, a global technology company specializing in high-quality corrosion, fire protection, and thermal insulation solutions, has acquired French green chemistry firm Demeta.

The acquisition will enhance Vipo’s innovation processes and material expertise, as well as expand the company’s focus on developing, manufacturing, and commercializing new materials for offshore and other applications.

The acquisition will also provide Vipo with a head start in industries outside of oil and gas, aligning with its long-term business goals.

Bringing new technologies into new markets

Thor Hegg Eriksen, Managing Director at Vipo, said, “This is an exciting and strategic move for us in our industry. Having collaborated closely with Demeta on previous and current R&D projects, we are pleased to welcome their expertise and capabilities to the team, allowing us to utilize their extensive knowledge and insight into next-generation catalysts for high-performing materials.”

Prior to the acquisition, Vipo partnered with Demeta in using their high-performance catalysts in the development of a range of thermal insulation materials including the latest R&D project, Vikotherm® R5. This strengthens and maintains the momentum of the Vikotherm® R5 development and allows for bringing new technologies into new markets.

Strengthening Vipo’s technology platform 

Founded in 2011, Demeta is a French green chemistry company known for developing next-generation catalysts for the production of high-performance materials and chemicals.

Patrick Waal, Business Group Manager at Vipo, said he is looking forward to expanding the team with a highly qualified group of technical experts.

Vipo, with decades of experience in offering high-performance polymer solutions to global industries, will fully take over and manage Demeta, removing the Demeta brand going forward.

This strategic move strengthens Vipo’s technology platform and allows the company to execute new innovative projects in the coming years.