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Unlock The Future Of Energy At Energy:Connected

By Linea Bancel|Published 01 March 2023|Category: News
The leading energy technology conference Energy:Connected powered by Energy Valley, is set to take place at Scandic Fornebu on June 15th-16th, 2023. 

The conference on cutting-edge innovation, energy policy, and technology brings together industry leaders, policymakers, and experts in the field to explore the latest developments in energy and discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the industry today.

This year the focus will be on the intersection of innovation, energy policy, and technology, with a particular emphasis on the role of renewables and digitalization (including AI), in driving change in the energy industry. Attendees will have the opportunity to hear from keynote speakers, participate in panel discussions, and network with other professionals in the field.

Some of the key topics that will be covered at the conference include:
  • The latest advances and innovations in the energy industry

  • The use of artificial intelligence and digitalization to improve efficiency and reliability

  • The impact of geopolitics on the energy industry (and how it can be leveraged to solve the energy trilemma)

  • The role of venture capital and finance in driving the energy transition

  • Why empowering Start-Ups can accelerate the energy revolution

Inspiring Key Speakers 

The first Key Speakers are confirmed, with more to come!

Claire O’Neill
Global Decarbonisation Advisor, Former UK Climate and Energy Minister, Former COP26 President-Designate
World Business Council For Sustainable Development
Claire O’Neill is considered a global expert on sustainability and decarbonization with a particular focus on practical action and the leading role of the private sector.
Thomas Anglero
Nordic CTO & Innovation Officer

Thomas F. Anglero is the Cognizant Nordic CTO & Innovation Officer. He is an expert in artificial Intelligence and Innovation. Prior to Cognizant, Mr. Anglero was the Nordic Director of Innovation at IBM.

Andreas Kuhlmann

CEO, German Energy Agency

Andreas Kuhlmann has been the CEO of dena since July 2015. In this role, he increased dena’s profile as a driver and pioneer of energy transition and climate protection. 

Dr.Pippa Malmgren
Former US Presidential Advisor, Former Advisor to the UK Cabinet, Best-Selling, Award-Winning Author, Tech Entrepreneur
Dr Pippa Malmgren

The Hon. Dr. Malmgren is an economist who makes sense of the world economy by writing books, by founding tech businesses, by advising policymakers around the world and through public speaking and teaching. 

Melati Wijsen
Bye Bye Plastic Bags & Youthtopia

Melati is a 22-year-old full-time changemaker. She founded Bye Bye Plastic Bags with her younger sister & has been leading the movement driven by youth since 2013 at the age of 12. She has also started the people movement One Island One Voice and the social enterprise, Mountain Mamas.

Speed Meet your next business opportunity 

One of the most popular events during the conference is Speed Meets. In 2022 there were 200 Speed Meets, this year the aim is to host 300. 

These 10-minute meetings give attendees the chance to meet purchaser representatives of some of the energy sector’s leading industry players to discuss potential business opportunities.  

The deadline for Speed Meet registration is the 8th of April, and there are limited spaces available.

Remember to secure your seat when purchasing your ticket. 

Energy:Connected is proud to present SEB, ABB, Equinor, Cognizant, Capgemini, and the Fornebu Music & Art Festival (FOMA) as partners.

Whether you are an industry professional, policy maker, or simply interested in learning more about the future of energy, this conference is an opportunity not to be missed.

Join us in June in Oslo to gain valuable insights, make valuable connections, and be part of shaping the future of the energy industry.