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– If we’re to achieve anything today, we must innovate!

CTO and Innovation Officer of Cognizant Thomas Anglero
By Linea Bancel|Published 03 May 2022|Category: News

Cognizant recently became a partner of Energy:Connected and will be present both as an exhibitor and during the CXO Innovation session with CTO and Innovation Officer Thomas Anglero.

– I am going to share the journey to innovation, says Anglero.  

The CXO Innovation session will look at how we can change our innovation mindset and perspectives, how to move faster in an ever-changing world, how we scale to real impact, and how to build a collaborative ecosystem. See the whole program here.

– We are going to look at how to help a company innovate. Everybody wants to innovate, but everybody requires a different type of innovation. I’m going to explain and show examples of how we innovated with different companies with different outcomes. I think that’s very valuable for people so that they begin innovating, and inspire them to Innovate in a different way. I will show them that it’s not impossible, says Anglero.

Thomas Anglero has 25 years of technology experience and is an expert in “the new culture challenges that come with the AI revolution”, innovation, and explaining the disruption to executives.

What do you think is the most important topic to discuss at the conference? 

– For me, it’s innovation. When someone says energy or climate change, whatever you say – to achieve anything today we need to innovate!

Anglero is intrigued by the panel he is a part of and is excited to share the stage with them during the conference.

– I think at the end of that session people should be able to inspire their own people when they get back to work.

The most important meeting arena

I think Energy:Connected is an important conference to attend because this is one of the first high-caliber conferences where all the right people are coming for all the right reasons. This event is the time and place to learn how to make the changes you have wanted to make.

Networking is a huge part of the conference and a place to find new business opportunities. Cognizant will be present as an exhibitor during the whole conference, and one of the people you can meet at the booth is Anglero.

Anything else you want to add? 

– There are many forms of innovation. Technological innovation gets the most attention, but cultural innovation is the most important. Come by the Cognizant booth at the conference, and I will explain why and how to begin the journey.

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