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– Time well spent!

By Johannes Langlo|Published 07 September 2021|Category: News

Understanding your business from the investor’s and customers’ perspectives is key to improvement.

– Taking a step back, getting a fresh perspective on both business and product is always beneficial. This was time well spent, and there is definitely knowledge shared today that we can bring with us both to our valued customers and the Ocean Sun management team, says Dr. Nenad Keseric, COO at Ocean Sun. 

Keseric was one of the attendees at the cluster’s innovation platform, Energy Invented, prototyping and user testing workshop last week. Through a highly interactive digital session, the attendees identified key areas for improvement and discussed potential solutions.

Dr. Nenad Keseric was one of the attendees at the workshop.

Energy Invented plans further workshops and is happy to announce that an Executive Training session will be part of our conference, Energy Connected’s program 8-9th December at Scandic Fornebu.

Facilitators from Capgemini Invent and frog, challenged the attendees to view their business from the outside and focus on critical areas to improve.    

Identifying areas for improvement 

The first session challenged the attendees to reflect on their own business and identify areas for improvement before making a storyboard to visualize their journey. Feedback from both facilitators and other attendees helped drive the discussion. 

We were challenged to think differently about our process when inventing new solutions, like our project, The Marine Cluster, says Espen Trengereid, COO at NEBB Engineering, and continues:    

And then, to think deeper and ask ourselves, Are we answering the right questions? Have we understood our client’s needs? Are we solving the correct problems?    

The second session provided insight into how to perform user testing better to identify customer needs and better reflect on what problem their product will solve.   

I look forward to bringing this back to the rest of the organization, using this experience to think differently, probe and challenge ourselves, and be clear about the impact we can have going forward, finishes Trengereid.  

The sessions focus on different aspects of business development and product design and aim to provide participants with new tools and insight for taking their businesses and ideas forward. 

– By connecting industry actors with creative powers like Capgemini and Frog, we support businesses in their development and help them grow. There is also value in the attending companies providing each other with feedback. We believe this to be a highly relevant and valuable offer to our members, says Katrine Vetlesen, VP Energy Innovation & Programs at Energy Valley.