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The price tag of time, health and clean nature

Nicolai Michelsen, CEO, Miko Innovasjon AS
By Annie Korsmo|Published 26 April 2021|Category: News, Valley Voice

– The biggest challenge in the future is the acceptance of new and different values such as time, health, clean nature on the cost of increased consumption, says Nicolai Michelsen, CEO of Miko Innovation AS.

Nicolai Michelsen, CEO, Miko Innovasjon AS

Valley Voice – a column where our cluster members are in focus. What are they doing right now? How are they contributing to the Energy Transition? And which challenges and opportunities lay ahead? 

 1. What are you doing right now?  

Working with a project with the aim to increase safety onboard fishing vessels. Digitalisation in the maritime industry has the aim to increase efficiency and safety.

Almost 100 fishermen lost their life at sea in Norway during the last decade, many of them could have been saved if there was an emergency stop and alert solution in place.

2. How is Miko Innovation AS contributing to the Energy Transition?

Miko Innovation AS is contributing to the energy transition by searching and developing new products and solutions within several areas.  Within the green energy transactions there are many new technical and commercial challenges to overcome.

For the last 6 months we have been examining and developing a solution for “real time monitoring of relative motions” during marine operations.

By increasing the weather window, significant cost are saved and safety increased. This is of particular interest for floating wind installation projects.

3. What are the biggest challenges and opportunities in the future?

Acceptance of new and different values such as time, health, clean nature on the cost of increased consumption.

4. What keeps you up at night with regards to the Energy Transition? 

Finding the new balance with the energy mix dependent on geographical and local availabilities

5. What is most valuable about being a member of Energy Valley?

Inspiration, discuss challenges and solutions and being part of a community.

5. Is there any book that have inspired you in the way you lead?

Elon Musk – biography – what a visionary person !

7. Which Energy Valley member do you want to pass the baton on to?

Miko Marine AS

Thank you, Nicolai!