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The government must ensure that offshore wind creates value for Norwegian suppliers

Managing Director of Energy Valley, Preben Strøm. Foto: Ilja Hendel
By Annie Korsmo|Published 24 August 2021|Category: News

Energy Valley has given mainly three pieces of advice to the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy in its consultation statement on the guide for allocation, licensing process, and applications for offshore wind.  

– The industry needs a shorter timeline from application to production. The allocation of the area in the North Sea must secure business for Norwegian suppliers, and there is a need for speed when it comes to the development of subsea grid, says managing director Preben Strøm.  

The consultation statement is based on input from discussions in Energy Valley’s offshore wind working group and conversations with members.  

– The main object for the government’s deposit report “Energi til arbeid” (Stortingsmelding 26 2020-2021) is how to build Norwegian industry from renewable energy resources. It is therefore vital that the instruments that the government chooses to achieve its goals are appropriate. We hope the government listens to the industry, says Strøm.  

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