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Take a digital Energy:Connected masterclass in January

By Linea Bancel|Published 14 December 2021|Category: News

Knowing that many of you were disappointed when we had to postpone Energy:Connected21 until May, we have decided to offer you one of the planned masterclasses digitally in January. 

– I am happy to share that in cooperation with our partners, Oracle and Inspirage the masterclass “Transform your Supply Chain Management for Renewable Energies” will be held on the 27th of January, says Preben Strøm.

The whole program for Energy:Connected is now confirmed and will go as planned in May.

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– With the technology and functionality that exists now with cloud services, you can get various parts of the supply chain to communicate and integrate with each other in much better ways. This adds a lot of value because you can remove the inaccuracies, says Roger Lindau, Senior Executive Advisor for SCM of Oracle Nordics and the moderator of the masterclass.

The speakers: Kevin Creel, President of Inspirage, Sascha Gruendler, Senior Director, Inspirage Europe, and Denis Senpere, Vice President, Inspirage Europe, will talk about the Demand and Supply-side of this Value Chain and how Oracle Cloud solutions and Inspirage expertise will help all energy sector companies secure the new Supply Chains supporting their Renewable business, cope with demand/supply disruption and price volatility and manage their sustainability objectives.

Effectively managing their new supply chains

– Programs to accelerate renewable energies and support the fast-growing demand for green electricity have been implemented in all European countries, largely supported by governments and the European Union. Inspirage’s key value is to help companies successfully kickstart their programs, effectively manage their new supply chains, and quickly meet their sustainability objectives, says Denis Senpere, Vice President, Inspirage, Europe.

The energy sector producers and distributors are investing plans into Renewable Energies to cope with the necessary surge of Green electricity already started, but that needs to be hugely amplified in the coming years, the speakers write in the description for the masterclass.

– The companies first experience has already shown that this is a very different business from the fossil energy they were used to with oil, gas, and coal. The whole value chain is totally different and requires a complete transformation to manage it within new service, finance, compliance, and regulatory requirements.

Using cases and solutions

The masterclass will be divided into five sections, each section including a reference case study to facilitate the understanding of the key capabilities being exposed. This will be concluded by discussing state-of-the-art processes to link finance and supply chain indicators and improve overall performance.

Each section will feature relevant Oracle Cloud solutions in production with various ERP backbones and real-life project outlines as implemented with Inspirage solution expertise and experience in energy, high tech, and industrial manufacturing sectors – all critical for Renewable Energies.

– It is important and valuable for our community that we host a physical event. But since May is still some months away, we offer this masterclass digitally so that our network will have some inspiration in what, for the moment, looks like is going to be a dark month in so many ways. I am truly looking forward to welcoming both the spring and our community to Fornebu in May, says Strøm.