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Subsea Valley appointed Norwegian Centre of Expertise!

By Ståle|Published 17 October 2017|Category: News

In strong competition with other leading clusters, Subsea Valley was today awarded status as Norwegian Centre of Expertise, NCE. Our project, NCE Energy Technology, is a development project to accelerate the energy transformation and foster unique cross-industry collaborations to create value and advance innovative technologies in energy and beyond.

The NCE project will enable the following:

  • Maintain and develop the cluster’s position as global leader in engineering and subsea technology
  • A systematic effort to accelerate the world-leading subsea engineering SMEs and cluster into a sustainable energy future
  • Increased value creation through cross-overs to other industry sectors
  • A strategic long-term initiative to establish the region as global energy technology hub

Given the NCE status, we will also work to strengthen the region’s attractiveness to companies, talents, researchers, investors and founders of new businesses – developing an eco-system for innovation and value creation.
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