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The Energy Valley Digital Innovation Hub is an initiative to accelerate the digital energy transformation and foster unique cross-industry collaborations to create value and advance innovative technologies in energy and beyond. A strategic focus area of this initiative is the digital transformation of the energy industry in general and the SMEs in the Energy Valley cluster in particular.

Through the Energy Valley Digital Innovation Hub we are working to increase the digital maturity of the region’s SMEs to enable them to take advantage of new digital platforms and integrate them into their daily business. We believe the SME perspective will accelerate the development of these platforms and increase value creation across the entire value chain in the energy market.

Technology scouting and targeted matchmaking

Energy Valley is continuously mapping the key technology and competence differentiators of its member companies and institutions and actively help partners connect with the specific technology experts for their project or challenge at hand.

Expertise within the cluster members ranges from additive manufacturing and automation through submersible electronics and ROVs to data analytics and new business models for the digital transition. Tell us what you need, and we will connect you with the right person in the right company or institution.

Incubator support

Energy.invented is our innovation platform for incubation programs and mentoring to cutting edge energy technology start-ups. We provide flexible office solutions, digital infrastructure, scale-up- and investment consultancy. We aim to create a world leading ecosystem for energy technology and our community will help startups connect to some of the best international professionals and mentors within energy technology.

Access to shared datasets

Access to realistic data sets and specific sensor output is of high value for companies developing new software applications for the O&G-industry. Operators have started sharing more data, like Equinor’s open access to production data from the closed down Volve field, and AkerBP’s Open Industrial Data project. In this initiative we focus on which data and data types that are shared by the operators today, how to get access to these data, and what strategies the operators have for future sharing of more data.

The aim of the initiative is both to share knowledge about available data types and data sources, and to identify challenges with data access from the developers’ perspective.

Project development

To identify relevant trends, challenges and opportunities, we perform strategic analysis of the cluster ecosystem together with selected industry experts within digital solutions, energy technology, technology transfer and sustainability. Based on response from the member companies and institutions we contribute to project development, creating consortia, funding proposals and workshops.

Education and skills development

Inviting experts to give talks and interact. Sharing best practices experiences. Increasing ties between academic and industrial partners.