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Scrambling success!

Energy Valleys cluster members getting ready for this years turnament!
By Linea Bancel|Published 02 September 2021|Category: News

Around 50 golfers from the cluster participants, showed up for this year’s Energy Valley Invitational to network, socialize and (hopefully) play some good golf!

With the sweet scent of pancakes and bacon in the air, golfers from companies and organizations covering the entire value chain of the cluster met up at Holtsmark Golf Club, hungry for victory. The all-American-style breakfast was followed by a warmup on the driving range before the first tee at 10 AM.

The partner for the tournament was Jaguar Land Rover Norway.

The tournament was played according to the rules of Texas Scramble, only with two participants on each team instead of four. Five hours and about 20 000 steps later the participants were ready for a delicious BBQ dinner and the announcements of this year’s winners. Click the photo carousel below and watch the fun!

Energy valley invitational 2021 av Linea Bancel