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Offshore Wind Workshop

Pål Coldevin presenting Equinor's offshore wind pipeline and awarded projects.
By Emil Løvgren|Published 30 October 2019|Category: Media, News

More than 70 delegates from Energy Valley participated in a morning dedicated to discussions about challenges in offshore wind at Equinor, Fornebu. To set the stage Knut Vassbotn from Aker Solutions presented their perspective on the offshore wind market, before Pål Coldevin from Equinor presented their offshore wind pipeline and newly awarded projects.

We then moved on to a more technical section where Equinor presented key priorities and three specific challenges in the offshore wind value chain. Based on these challenges, the participants were divided into groups and invited to pitch their ideas and comments for these. Each group was filled with lively discussions and all the group leaders presented a long list of challenges and ideas in the final session of the workshop.

Energy Valley will together with Equinor analyse the results from the group discussions and use the key takeaways to plan for coming events. In addition, Equinor is looking into different aspects of the results to add value to their projects.

All in all, the engagement in the cluster for offshore wind is growing fast and both small and large companies are positioning themselves to be part of this emerging market. Energy Valley will be present at WindEurope Offshore in Copenhagen in November to gain further insight into relevant technology, solutions and challenges.