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Offshore wind to be first export initiative: – A step in the right direction

By Linea Bancel|Published 05 December 2022|Category: News

This week The Norwegian Minister of Trade and Industry launched offshore wind as the first export initiative in the government’s export reform “All of Norway Exports”.

The initiative is a public-private collaboration and will help Norwegian actors to take larger shares in the global offshore wind market – where the goal is that Norway will take a 10% share of the global offshore wind market by 2030.

Ivar Slengesol VP of New Energy Solutions – Eastern Hemisphere at TGS. 

“The Norwegian offshore wind industry has long called for clear offshore wind goals and a more ambitious plan. A race between countries to build the green export industries of the future, including offshore wind, has long been underway. This new initiative will ensure more coordinated efforts and marketing of Norwegian offshore wind companies, in collaboration with the industry. So this is a step in the right direction. It will be interesting to see how the venture will be implemented.” says Ivar Slengesol VP of New Energy Solutions – Eastern Hemisphere at TGS. 

Must develop the domestic market 

On November 21st Slengesol and Richard Aukland wrote the comment “Flytende havvind bak skjema” (language:Norwegian) where they addressed that the government’s processes continue to delay the scaling of offshore wind. “The gap between ambition and action must be closed”, Slengesol and Aukland wrote.

Slengesol believes that the export initiative is a step in the right direction. At the same time, it is absolutely essential that the planning of larger offshore wind projects gets underway in Norway so that the domestic market is developed, he says. 

«So far, the regulatory processes have progressed too slowly. Norway will account for only one per thousand (0.1%) of global offshore wind production in the coming years, and that is of course too modest for a globally leading ocean industry and energy nation.»

A world-leading offshore wind player

“Norway will become a world-leading offshore wind player. We have technology and expertise from the maritime industry and the oil and gas industry. At the same time, Norwegian businesses have a unique ability to adapt. If the industry and the state invest purposefully and quickly, Norwegian players have a solid opportunity to take market positions in the global offshore wind market”, says Minister of Trade and Industry Jan Christian Vestre.

Read the full press release (language: Norwegian).

Building expertise with the Entry Program 

The government is setting aside NOK 50 to 90 million for the investment by the end of 2023, depending on the size of the contribution from the business sector.

The most important measures in the initiative according to the press release are:

  • the strengthening of the export-oriented policy apparatus will contribute to promoting the Norwegian offshore wind sector abroad.
  • closer coordination of the political actors through Team Norway. A familiar brand will be developed for the Norwegian offshore wind sector, focusing on sustainability and the environment.
  • the “Entry Program Offshore Wind” will contribute to building expertise among Norwegian companies and set them in a good position to compete for international offshore wind contracts.

Innovation Norway and Energy Valley hosted a workshop for the digital entry program on the 10th of November in Drammen.

Collaborating partners in launching the program are Norwegian Energy Partners (NORWEP),  GCE Node, GCE Ocean Technology, DNV, Haavind, Norwegian Offshore Wind, Eksfin, Fremtidens Havvind, and Norsk Industry.

Access the digital Entry program for Offshore wind for free.

Watch our film from the workshop to learn more.