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Ocean Sun’s technology utilized in world’s first hybrid offshore powerplant

Photo: Ocean Sun.
By Linea Bancel|Published 11 November 2022|Category: News

The world’s first offshore wind and floating solar powerplant in Shandong, China utilizes Ocean Sun’s patented technology.  

“This is a true milestone for Ocean Sun, and for the floating solar industry. The successful project funded by SPIC and constructed using the Ocean Sun solution shows how the common goal of reducing greenhouse CO2 emissions will be achieved with development across borders. We are excited to continue working closely with SPIC through the Ocean Sun team based in China.”  Says Børge Bjørneklett, CEO and founder of Ocean Sun.

State Power Investment Corporation (SPIC), the world’s largest PV asset owner, has commissioned the world’s first commercial offshore floating photovoltaic (FPV) power plant. Ocean Sun has designed the power plant based on their patented technology. This is the first FPV integrated with offshore wind. The successful implementation unlocks the potential of hybrid offshore powerplants significantly increasing efficiency and reducing LCOE.

By covering between 5 and 10 percent of the world’s hydropower reservoirs with floating solar cells, it would equal the electrical energy generated by all hydropower in 2022.

Promoting the use of Ocean Sun’s technology

The two floaters, with an installed capacity of 0.5 MWp, are connected to the transformer on a SPIC-owned wind turbine which is connected to the power grid through the submarine cable of the wind farm, they write in a press release. After completion of the pilot period and full technical and economical demonstration, it is planned to promote the use of Ocean Sun’s technology to build a floating wind-solar photovoltaic project with a total capacity of 20MW in 2023.

Ocean Sun is connected to the Energy Invented platform. The Ocean Sun technology is based on modified silicon solar PV modules arranged on a thin, flexible membrane that floats on the surface of the water. The technology is well suited for near-shore ocean sites, lakes or reservoirs.

About SPIC

SPIC is one of China’s five major electricity generation companies and the world’s largest photovoltaic power generation enterprise, ranking 260th among the world’s top 500 enterprises in 2022, with a business scope covering 46 countries and regions.