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Ntention receives follow-up funding from Norwegian Space Agency

During field tests for the NASA Haughton-Mars Project in 2021, new technologies for manned exploration of the moon and Mars were tested in Oregon. Here is Magnus Arveng, CEO of Ntention, in a space suit from Collins Aerospace for analog tests during sample collection using a drone and Ntention Astronaut Smart Glove. Photo: NASA Haughton-Mars Project / Pascal Lee.
By Linea Bancel|Published 20 February 2023|Category: News

Ntention has been awarded follow-up funding from the Norwegian Space Agency, enabling them to make significant strides in the space industry. 

Ntention receives funds for the project “Interaction software for XR supported control mechanism for robotics and robotic systems for spacesuits”.

The project aims to develop interaction software that utilizes XR (Extended Reality) to control robotic systems for spacesuits, which will ultimately improve the efficiency and safety of operations in space.

“Using augmented reality, this software application will allow the user to interact with an unmanned ground vehicle (rover) that has an attached robotic arm”, says CEO of Ntention Magnus Arveng to the Norwegian Space Agency. 

The funds for 2023 will be used to develop software for augmented reality that supports control mechanisms for robotics and robot systems in spacesuits.

Investing fully in the space industry 

Ntention has previously received support to develop spacesuit interaction using an augmented reality sensor glove that allows astronauts to fly drones. The funding made a research collaboration between Ntention and a spacesuit manufacturer that supplies services to NASA possible.

The follow-up funding has been absolutely priceless to us as a company, especially when we found ourselves in a difficult situation in 2022. The support we then received meant that we chose to invest fully in the space industry, and we are very grateful for that“, says Arveng.

The new project will enable the Norwegian company to demonstrate to its partners its ability to deliver powerful solutions and turn these into finished products.

About Ntention

Ntention builds user-centered interaction systems. For space, it is developing its “Astronaut Smart Glove” that could be used to control a drone during space exploration. Its technology has further applications in virtual reality, music, Digital twin interaction, robotic asset management, Operation rooms for the future, and military applications.

Ntention is connected to Energy Valley’s innovation platform Energy Invented