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New EU strategy for Cyber Security

By Annie Korsmo|Published 28 January 2021|Category: EU, News

The EU launched a new strategy for Cyber Security in December, aimed at protecting the global and open internet, while also protecting European values and fundamental rights. Among other things the EU is planning to create a network of security operations centred across Europe, powered by AI, and which will constitute a cyber security shield. The shield should be able to detect signs of a cyber attack early enough to act proactively before too much damage is done.

Two revised directives are also presented as a part of the new strategy. The first is the NIS2 directive, which is includes new requirements for essential and important service providers in critical sectors such as energy, transport, telecom, public authorities and financial institutions. National authorities will be mandated to ensure that relevant companies follow the rules, and sanction fines when necessary. The second is the CER directive, which is aimed at protecting the physical infrastructure of so-called critical enterprises.

The new EU cyber security strategy is mainly aimed at EU member states, but it is also relevant for Energy Valley members. Norway is a member of ENISA, the EU agency for Cyber Security, and are bound by the same regulations as the EU through the EEA agreement.

Read the EU Cyber Security strategy here, and get in touch with Energy Valleys EU advisor, Maja Busch Sevaldsen if you want to hear more about the EU policy and funding programmes connected to Cyber Security.