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New cluster-to-cluster collaboration with Denmark will create new business opportunities within offshore wind

From the left side: Øyvind Michelsen, Viken; Gustavo Ferraz De Luna, Energy Cluster Denmark; Lykke Gil Haanshus, Innovation Noway; Johan Edvard Grimstad, Viken; Katja Christina Nordgaard, Norwegian ambassador in Denmark; Kristian Thowsen, Viken; Helen Urth, Energy Cluster Denmark; Annie Kristi Korsmo, Energy Valley.
By Linea Bancel|Published 24 April 2023|Category: News

Energy Valley, and Energy Cluster Denmark are establishing a cluster-to-cluster collaboration for competence and technology development in offshore wind. The collaboration will develop new business opportunities between Norwegian and Danish companies.

Through the project “Collaboration on green transformation between Energy Valley and Energy Cluster Denmark,” the clusters aim to develop new business opportunities, contracts, and knowledge development for member companies in Energy Valley and Viken.

“There is a great potential in connecting Norwegian and Danish companies in offshore wind. We believe that Nordic cooperation offers good opportunities for increased innovation, growth and value creation in the business world. Offshore wind and hydrogen are important in the future energy mix, in the conversion from petroleum-based to renewable energy sources. This will lead to a green transition and sustainable business development. We have great expectations for the outcome of this project,” says Johan Edvard Grimstad, Vice Mayor for Economic Development and Dental Health at Viken County Council.

Wishes to address challenges related to the green shift

“The Green Transition project through Viken County Municipality provides a fantastic opportunity for us to strengthen our work in delivering on the green transition in collaboration with the industry and Energy Cluster Denmark. The project will provide an opportunity for increased cooperation within Offshore Wind, Hydrogen and the development of other renewable technology. This will be important to strengthen our position in an international market,” says Annie Kristi Korsmo, Head of Ecosystem at Energy Valley.

The project also aims to address the challenges related to industry changes in the green shift and digitalization. Challenges such as changing competence needs, the need for new partners and business models, will be addressed through regional plans for innovation, entrepreneurship, business development, and value creation, as well as regional climate strategies and measures.

The focus of the project is offshore wind, but the project will also address other renewable technologies, such as hydrogen.

Cluster collaboration can strengthen Norway’s competitiveness

Many Energy Valley member companies are in the region around the capital, especially in Viken. The members are technology companies with high expertise in their industries, including companies such as Equinor, Mainstream Renewables, ABB, TechnipFMC, Siemens Energy, and SLB.

The companies have access to a broad base of expertise and technologies internally in their own companies and through networks with other companies in the region.

In the project description, Energy Valley writes that there is great potential for knowledge transfer, where Norwegian companies can learn from this technology development and have access to an established and well-developed offshore wind market.

Exchanging expertise

In the Export Report of 2021, Menon Economics writes that “green” export is an obvious focus area, where Norway has a good foundation. Relevant expertise for green transformation is found, among other things, in the maritime industry, the petroleum and offshore supplier industry, and in the power-intensive industry.

Denmark installed the first offshore wind turbines as early as 1991 and scaled up significantly in the 2000s. Denmark, which has a more developed offshore wind market, offers offshore wind expertise and competence.

This can be a key to accelerating the development of the Norwegian offshore wind market, writes Energy Valley in the project description.

Norway, on the other hand, has well-developed offshore and maritime expertise and knowledge that is of interest to Danish cluster companies.

The collaboration will position Norwegian companies in the Danish market, and vice versa.