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Influence EU policies on digital energy

By Linea Bancel|Published 19 October 2021|Category: News

In July the European Commission launched a roadmap which is now open public consultation.

The initiative stems from the 2020 communication “An EU strategy for Energy System Integration”. The action plan will help develop a competitive market for digital energy services and digital energy infrastructure that are cyber-secure, efficient, and sustainable.  As well as support participation of ‘prosumers’ in the energy transition. Digital technology can enable more use of renewable energy. The action plan will outline how different EU policies and funding instruments will work together to exploit the benefits of digital solutions in the energy sector while minimizing their risks and environmental footprint.

There are five focus areas that the Action Plan will focus on: Developing a European data-sharing infrastructure, empowering citizens, enhancing the uptake of digital technologies, enhancing the cyber security of the energy sector, and supporting climate-neutral solutions for Information and Communication Technologies.

Your input will be considered as they develop and fine-tune this initiative. The public consultation will be open from the 4th of October until the 24th of January 2022.

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For more information contact our EU Advisor Maja Busch Sevaldsen