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I find perspective in how energy has shaped society

By Linea Bancel|Published 30 August 2021|Category: News, Valley Voice

Valley Voice – a column where our cluster members are in focus. This week we talked with the CEO of Oliasoft, André Backen. Backen states that securing reliable and affordable energy for the world is one of the biggest challenges in the future.  

1. What are you doing right now?   

Just finished a Teams meeting with one of our future customers.

2. How is Oliasoft contributing to the Energy Transition?    

Oliasoft WellDesign has together with IFE developed a module to calculate how CO2 injection affects the well’s integrity and wear. The Oliasoft WellDesign will be an important tool for planning many of the CCS wells that must be drilled in the years to come. Oliasoft WellDesign also improves current designs used for oil and gas wells and enables a digital value chain for drilling and wells. 

3. What are the biggest challenges and opportunities in the future?  

There are many challenges and opportunities, but securing reliable and affordable energy for the world is very important. Energy is the foundation of modern society. We must solve the global warming issue and reduce CO2 emissions. 

4. What keeps you awake at night with regards to the energy transition?  

What keeps me awake is the question of how to balance the need for cheap and reliable energy and at the same time reduce CO2 emissions. This is a difficult problem to solve. 

5. What is the most valuable thing about being a member of Energy Valley?  

Access to a broad network with other people and companies in the energy business.

6. Is there any book that has inspired you in the way you lead?  

I am a bookworm! There are many good books that have inspired me, but “Energy and Civilization A History” by Vaclav Smil gave me a perspective on how the human standards of living have evolved together with new sources of energy. 

7. Which Energy Valley member do you want to pass the baton on to?  

Halvard Ellingsen hos Turbulent Flux. 

Thank you, André!