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Greg DeMichillie to present at SSV Conference 2018!

By Ståle|Published 02 March 2018|Category: News

Keynote for SSV Conference 2018: Greg DeMichillie, Director of Product Management, Office of the CTO, Google Cloud at Google!

Greg has 20 years experience in creating great computing platforms for developers and IT alike. He has been at Google since before the inception of Google Cloud Platform and as Director of Product he lead the product teams for App Engine, Compute Engine, Kubernetes & Container Engine, as well as the Developer Console, SDKs, and Billing system. He has delivered keynote presentations and product demos at events such as Google I/O and Google Cloud NEXT as well
as featured interviews with the New York Times, Wall St Journal, and other publications.

Prior to joining Google, he had leadership roles at variety of companies including Adobe and Amazon, as well as a decade at Microsoft where he was a developer on the first version of Visual C++, the development manager for Microsoft’s Java tools, and lead the product team for the creation of C#.

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