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Project workshop: Common APIs

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Date(s) - 11/12/2018
08:30 - 12:00



As a part of the SME Digital Transformation project, the workshop focuses specifically on if and how common APIs for different service providers can ease data-flow across the value-chain. Many service providers use open APIs, but since they are not common for all service providers, this increases the risk of errors and requires additional resources for operators and others who depend on more than one service/plattform. Our goal is to identify a limited set of specific areas where common APIs could be implemented and investigate the necessary properties and requirements that must be in place for these APIs. Experience from this work can then be used to ease implementation of common APIs in more areas.

Best practice recommendations for common APIs for interaction across the value-chain is also one of three collaboration cases defined by DataLink. This aligns very well with Subsea Valley’s initiative and the results of Subsea Valley’s work will be directly beneficial to DataLink.


  1. Modern APIs (open/common), Geir Engdahl (Cognite).
  2. Experiences from Industrial Data Space (IDS) and infrastructures for data-flow, Till Lech (SINTEF Digital).
  3. DataLink: an industry initiative for digital collaboration, James van Merkensteijn (DataLink/Equinor).


  1. Define properties and attributes for common APIs
  2. Define focus areas for specific use-cases
  3. Establish task forces for the use-cases


For more information, contact: Project Manager Emil Løvgren