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EU Action Plan on synergies between civil, defence and space industries

By Maja Busch Sevaldsen, EU Advisor|Published 28 February 2021|Category: EU, News

Last week during the European Industry Days the EU presented an action plan on synergies between civil, defence and space industries to enhance Europe´s technological edge and support it´s industry base.

The action plan is devised on the bakground that for the first time, EU funding presents opportunities to reinforce innovation by exploring and exploiting the disruptive potential of technologies at the interface between defence, space and civil uses, such as cloud, processors, cyber, quantum and AI.

Margrethe Vestager, Executive Vice President of the European Commission

The main goals of the action plan is to enhance the complimentarity between relevant EU programmes such as the European Defence Fund, EU Space Programme, Horizon Europe and Digital Europe Programme as well as other instruments covering research, development and deployment to increase efficiency of investments and effectiveness of results. In addition to facilitate the use of civil industry research achivements and civil driven innovation in European defence cooperation projects. With this in mind, the action plan lists eleven targeted actions that focus on the interplay between civil, defence and space industry. To read the action plan in full, have a look here.

It was recently decided that Norway will participate in full in the European Defence Fund, which means that Energy Valley members can apply for funding through all of the above mentioned EU programmes including the European Space Programme. For more information about which funding programmes are most suited for your company, get in touch with Energy Valleys EU advisor.



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