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Energy Valley attending Energy Trilemma Summit

Energy Valley took part in Executive Assembly and Energy Trilemma Summit in Aberdeen this week. From left: Head of Ecoystem Annie Kristi Korsmo, EVP Capgemini and Board Leader Energy Valley, Tallak Thorleifsson, Head of Administration Janne Distad and Managing Director of Energy Valley Preben Strøm.
By Linea Bancel|Published 14 October 2022|Category: News

Energy Valley has taken on the role of the Norwegian Membership Comittee for World Energy Council. This week we attended the Executive Assembly and Energy Trilemma Summit in Aberdeen.  

“From all around the world, energy leaders and societies gathered in Aberdeen this week to join the World Energy Council Executive Assembly & World Energy Trilemma Summit.  From Korea to Uruguay, from Iceland to Marocco. It was truly inspiring and great fun to meet with fellow, global energy enthusiasts to share experiences, discuss and learn, but maybe most of all; get to know each other.” says Preben Strøm, Energy Valley CEO and Secretary General for the Norwegian member committee and adds:
“We are thrilled about all the opportunities that the community of the World Energy Council can offer”.
From 12 to 13th of October a worldwide membership community from nearly 100 countries and the leading changemakers from within and beyond the classic energy industry, gathered in Aberdeen. Here they participated in a forum to reset the energy transition. The Energy Valley team got to experience great speakers, networking opportunities, and a lot of good ideas on how we can cooperate in the future.

Rotterdam will host the 26th World Energy Congress in December 2023, themed “Redesigning Energy for People and Planet”. Here Annie Kristi Korsmo is celebrating the announcement with the official WEC color – orange. Photo: Private.

Mobilizing people-centric energy trilemma solutions

Under the theme Transformational solutions in turbulent times, the participants identified balanced opportunities for navigating successful global energy transitions in a faster-paced and more fragmented world.

“The energy crisis is global and affecting us all. But it also gives some great business opportunities which now will be explored together in an international environment. Not only for the members of Energy Valley but also for the entire Norwegian energy industry, the World Energy Council will give great opportunities both for external network, access to potential new markets, access to talent and to get insights, reports, and invitations to global events that are relevant for their business.” says Strøm.

Art flow: summary of reflections on the work with energy transition. What is needed and how to succeed. Photo: Private.

“By bringing together the World Energy Community in Aberdeen, through the generous support of the Scottish government, our Executive Assembly and Energy Trilemma Summit will address opportunities to reset the energy leadership agenda, achieve transformational outcomes, and mobilize people-centric energy trilemma solutions which progress clean and just energy transitions in all regions,” said Dr. Angela Wilkinson, Secretary General, and CEO, World Energy Council in their press release.