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Go digital – avoid mistakes

The speakers from left: Andy King and Emanuele Cacciatore from Oracle, and Juan Pablo del Rio from Aker Offshore Wind.
By Linea Bancel|Published 22 February 2022|Category: News

Oracle and Aker Offshore Wind will address the opportunities and challenges within asset portfolio management and digitalization in the energy transition in their digital masterclass on March 8th.

– We will discuss the energy transition and the challenges that it opposes to asset portfolio management in the energy industry, with a strong focus on the offshore wind industry, and how digitalization can support and address those challenges, says senior director EMEA Emanuele Cacciatore at Oracle.

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The masterclass will also address how offshore wind companies look after their portfolio projects, how they make decisions in terms of investments, and how to pull out the best portfolios. The speakers Juan Pablo del Rio from Aker Offshore Wind, Emanuele Cacciatore, and Andy King from Oracle will each use their different backgrounds to discuss the opportunities and challenges within asset portfolio management during the masterclass.

Using the data properly

– Digitalization is an enabler that helps accelerate the transition and will ensure renewable energies that are more planet positive. There are lessons learned from oil and gas to be considered in the offshore wind industry by simplification, adjusting, and proper use of data, says Juan Pablo del Rio, Head of Digitalization at Aker Offshore Wind, who will be addressing how digitalization can support and address the challenges in asset portfolio management in the energy industry.

Juan Pablo has close to twenty years of experience withing Management Consulting, Operational Excellence, BD & Tendering, Project Management, and Digitalization. And has previously worked in the oil and gas industry for several years.

He joined Aker Offshore Wind from the startup of the company prior to 2020 and he is responsible for digitalization, data management, and IT infrastructure.

– If we use the right portfolio of IT infrastructure and solutions, we can avoid the problems that happen in the past. We also need to talk about oil and gas, but we need to concentrate on this transition and how digitalization can enable and accelerate that.

Making informed decisions

– We are going to look at how the offshore wind companies look after their portfolio projects, how do they make decisions around those in terms of investments, which investments to make in the best way, and how we pull out the best portfolio together to deliver out, says Andy King Product Manager for Solutions Capability at Oracle.

King works with partners and clients to deliver transformational EPM solutions across EMEA, with a specialized focus on the Planning domain. He will be using case examples from his work at Oracle and how Oracle’s tools have been used in different companies.

–  We don’t have a magic wand, but this can be a part of the solution. It’s being able to put the right tools in the right people’s hands at the right time, so they can make data-based decisions. It’s making sure they make an informed decision around those portfolio planning capabilities.

Talking about the how’s and what’s

The session is for anybody that is curious about the energy transition and how the big companies are transitioning with digital solutions, Emanuele explains.

– And to inspire people into this journey of digitalization enabling the energy transition. It is more talking about the how’s and the what’s rather than the why’s, says Emanuele, King agrees and adds:

– I think this will be valuable for everyone to attend. Even those that are already on that journey. We can bring a slightly different view and lens to what other people are doing.

Oracle is Energy:Connected’s main partner. The masterclass was to be a part of the program in December, but because of the postponement, the masterclass will be held in March.