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Digital Testbed Workshop Presentations 26.11.18

Here you can find all the presentations from the Digital Testbed workshop 26.11.18.

Creating energy from data – Data sharing strategies
Nina Reiersgaard (DCOE) and Petter Hermansen (CIT), Equinor
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Lundin Operations – Perspectives on data sharing
Kim Alexander Jørgensen (Analyst), Lundin Norway
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Data sharing – the key to an open and collaborative industry
Jørgen Tellefsen (Director of customer success), Cognite
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Innovation laboratories to support beacons for digitalization
David Cameron (Centre Executive Manager), SIRIUS
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Digitalization, why now?
Marius Kjeldahl (CTO), Oliasoft
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Solution Seeker perspectives
Bjørn-Erik Dale (Co-Founder & Executive Chairman), Solution Seeker

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Production data
Halvard Ellingsen (CEO), Turbulent Flux
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