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– Decarbonizing the oil and gas industry

CEO of FSubsea Alexander Fuglesang. Photo: Linea Bancel
By Linea Bancel|Published 22 June 2022|Category: News, Valley Voice

Valley Voice – a column where our cluster members are in focus. This week we talked with Alexander Fuglesang, CEO of FSubsea.

– We want to help our clients get more out of existing infrastructure and existing fields. One of the primary applications for our pumps is to decarbonize the oil and gas industry. We are trying to make things much simpler to both increase recovery from existing fields and also accelerate recovery. In this way, we can switch off the fields faster, but still get oil and gas which we think is relevant for orderly transition into a new, more climate-friendly economy, says Fuglesang.

Watch the whole interview here: