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Celsia raises pre-seed round of EUR 2 million

By Linea Bancel|Published 27 September 2022|Category: News

Celsia, a company connected to the Energy Invented platform, is raising a pre-seed round of EUR 2 million. 

The company, who provides a software solution to calculate the EU Taxonomy score, has raised most of the capital from its clients. DNB, SpareBank 1, and Bonheur have recently become investors in Celsia, and the company is now valued at NOK 100 million.

“Joining Aker ASA’s venture fund RunwayFBU, we’re thrilled to welcome Norway’s two largest banks, DNB (DNB Ventures AS) and SpareBank 1 SR-Bank (Finstart Nordic), and industrial investor Bonheur as investors in Celsia.” writes CEO Petter Reistad on LinkedIn.

Banking and finance are affected by strict reporting requirements from the European Financial Supervisory Authority under the taxonomy. At the same time, DNB and SpareBank 1 see the requirements as an opportunity to offer the technology to customers.

Finansavisen reported on this story first.

Working with clients for product development

“Without our customers, we’re nothing. We’re thankful for the terrific reception that we’ve had in the market, and the willingness from our clients to work with us in our product development. Sustainability has moved from PPT to Excel, and now it’s moving again, to purpose-built software solutions. We’re seeing the urgency increasing, with a record number of new clients in the last month.” writes Reistad.

In a pilot project, the banks’ customers are given access to Celsia’s software to assess their degree of sustainability against the requirements of the EU taxonomy.

Get to know CEO Petter Reistad and Celsia better here.

Going global!

The company recently established its first foreign office and aims to become a leading player internationally, Finansavisen writes.

The Celsia team is also continuing to grow. “On our path to this point, we’ve had exceptional people join us, such as Issaaf Kattan and Anders Falsen Habostad who joined almost a year ago. This funding round enables us to hire more of them. Yesterday we were joined by three new software engineers, and next week we’ll have yet two more new team members join us.” writes Reistad who is looking for even more colleagues.