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Energy Valley team ready for action!
Energy Valleys´ administration is strengthened with four employees – ready to accelerate the energy transition. -The industry is answering the call for action to reach the global net-zero ambition, and the cluster administration is ready to [...]
By Elisabeth Skarsbø Moen, Vice President Communications & Marketing|Published 02 July 2021
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10 års jubileum - videohilsen fra grunnlegger av Subsea Valley
I dag er det 10 år siden Subsea Valley så dagens lys og vi feirer 10 år med eventyrlig utvikling og samtidig begynnelsen på de neste 10 årene. Videohilsen fra Erik Jølberg, grunnlegger av Subsea [...]
By Annie Korsmo|Published 24 June 2020
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Energy Valley webinar opptak
Opptak fra tidligere Energy Valley webinarer: Show me the money – EU finansiering for små og mellomstore bedrifter i Energy Valley og Solenergiklyngen Presentasjon her       Attracting world leading tech startups – [...]
By Annie Korsmo|Published 15 June 2020
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Media tools for digital communication and remote production
In order to maintain “business as usual” these days, most meetings, events and production needs to be done on digital platforms. Energy Valley’s closest media cluster Media City Bergen, has provided some useful tools and guidelines on how [...]
By Annie Korsmo|Published 28 April 2020
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Business packages and financing opportunities
The corona virus is a major challenge for businesses these days. Below is a short overview of funding opportunities businesses can apply for, from start-ups and growth companies, innovation projects and compensation schemes. Energy Valley have a [...]
By Annie Korsmo|Published 28 April 2020
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Increase the Confidence in Numerical Simulation
We kindly invite you to attend the NAFEMS Nordic seminar „Increase the Confidence in Numerical Simulation“, which will take place from 5 – 6 December 2017, Oslo, Norway. In addition to interesting technical presentations we are glad to announce the renown keynote speakers, Martin Eriksson from Validus Engineering, Sweden, and Mark Norris from the SDMconsultancy, UK. We also proudly [...]
By Ståle|Published 27 November 2019
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