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Business packages and financing opportunities

By Annie Korsmo|Published 28 April 2020|Category: News, Ukategorisert

The corona virus is a major challenge for businesses these days. Below is a short overview of funding opportunities businesses can apply for, from start-ups and growth companies, innovation projects and compensation schemes.

Energy Valley have a close relationship with Oslo Business Region. In light of the current pandemic, they are supporting growth companies and Startup communities by sharing information related to funding and other resources both during and post Covid-19. Oslo Business Region are also in close collaboration with the City of Oslo, Viken and the Norwegian Government to navigate different opportunity packages.

Funding opportunities for growth companies and startup communities:

Business Compensation Scheme (Kompensasjonsordningen):

  • Application for enterprises with a significant drop in revenue due to the corona virus situation.

Read the whole overview of Innovation Norway’s support services here. (Article in Norwegian)