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Build your offshore wind competence online!

The entry program gives valuable insight and knowledge about the offshore wind program trough short informative videos. Photo: Linea Bancel
By Linea Bancel|Published 27 September 2022|Category: News

You and your employees can now join free courses to build competence and growth in the offshore wind industry. On the 10th November you are invited to a workshop in Drammen. 

Innovation Norway’s “Entry Program Offshore Wind” is developed in cooperation with the industry, to help SMEs enter the offshore wind industry. The program focuses on delivering competency and connecting stakeholders through an online platform and physical workshops at relevant locations in Norway. Version 1.0 of the online platform is now live and will be followed by a series of workshops in Q4’22. GCE Node hosts the first one in Kristiansand the 8. November and Energy Valley will be hosting the second event in Drammen on the 10th of November. More info to come!

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This program aims to accelerate the competitiveness of the supplier industry in a new fast-growing market: offshore wind. Use Electronic identification BankID to access the program. The program is in Norwegian.

About the program 

The program is divided into three sections: Preparations, competence building, and market qualification.

The first part of the program, preparations, deals with early assessments of what is needed to enter the offshore wind market.

The second part, competence building, consists of market descriptions, legal frameworks, technical regulations, and financing arrangements.

The third and final part, market qualification, is still in production.

Innovation Norway hosts the program, which contains contributions from both businesses and the public sector. Export finance Norway, Norwegian Energy Partners, Innovation Norway, DNV and the law firm Haavind have all provided content for the program. Several clusters have also contributed input, such as Energy Valley, Norwegian Offshore Wind, and GCE Ocean Technology.

The program is based on Norsk Industri’s report “Delivery models for offshore wind” which was published last year. The aim of the report was to survey Norwegian competitiveness in the international and national offshore wind market.

Who is the program suitable for? 
  • Companies that want to evaluate where they stand in terms of market entry for offshore.
  • Tier 1 and tier 2 companies looking to explore offshore wind markets.
  • Companies within the oil and gas sector that have possible solutions for the offshore wind industry.