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– Aiming for green energy projects

By Linea Bancel|Published 12 October 2021|Category: News, Valley Voice

Valley Voice – a column where our cluster members are in focus. This week we talked with Sondre Luca Helgesen CEO of StressMan Engineering. – The main challenge for the near future will be to adapt and develop quickly within the energy transition, says Helgesen.

1. What are you doing right now?  

Getting ready for the world to start going again. Just before the pandemic hit, we increased our presence globally to be ready to handle high-volume projects.  This organizational change is now ready and we’re looking forward to utilizing our full potential. Our clients can now enjoy our extremely high competence within mechanical stress calculations and large capacity analyses of simpler systems.

2. How is Stressman Engineering contributing to the Energy Transition?

We have just released a press release that we are aiming to that all our projects will be within the green energy field. Right now, we are optimizing and making sure that toxic fluids do not leak into the ocean through highly complex calculations. We’re also involved in the CCS (carbon capture and storage) project in Brevik, Norway.

3. What are the biggest challenges and opportunities in the future? 

The main challenge for the near future will be to adapt and develop quickly within the energy transition.

4. What keeps you awake at night with regards to the energy transition? 

The fact that there is a wide range of opportunities rising right now, where we can dive into to solve the upcoming challenges related to the energy transition. And just getting on with the transition on a big scale.

5. What is the most valuable thing about being a member of Energy Valley? 

Need to wait and see, we just joined a few months ago. What we hope will be the most valuable thing to us is being part of a community with the same interests and capabilities where we can contribute to the development of different projects, while keeping ourselves updated regarding relevant actual topics.

6. Is there any book that has inspired you in the way you lead? 

Sir. Richard Branson, “Let’s do it!” is a great inspiration.

7. Which Energy Valley member do you want to pass the baton on to? 

I would like to pass the baton on to Erik Sæstad, Vice President and Country Manager for Oceaneering.

Thank you, Sondre!