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Membership information


The Energy Valley membership conditions and fees are set by the Energy Valley Annual Meeting.


Your membership is active on a yearly basis (1.1-31.12) until formal written notice is given. If notice is given within December 31, the membership fee will not be invoiced for the following year. The full membership fee will be charged for the year of withdrawal.

Registration fee

NOK 5.000 for companies with revenue below NOK 2million/year

NOK 10.000 for companies with revenue above NOK 2million/year

Annual membership fee

NOK 5 000   – Revenue below NOK 2 million/year

NOK 10 000 – Revenue between NOK 2-50 million/year

NOK 15 000 – Revenue between NOK 50-100 million/year

NOK 25 000 – Revenue between NOK 100-500 million/year

NOK 35 000 – Revenue between NOK 500-999 million/year

NOK 50 000 – Revenue above NOK 1 billion/year


When registering after June 1, only half of the annual membership fee will be invoiced.