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A trillion dollar opportunity

By Elisabeth Skarsbø Moen, Vice President Communications & Marketing|Published 15 March 2021|Category: News, Valley Voice

Interview with Egil Haugsdal, Executive Vice President Kongsberggruppen and President of Kongsberg Maritime.

Egil Haugsdal, Executive Vice President Kongsberg, President Kongsberg Maritime Photo by KONGSBERG

Valley Voice – a column where our cluster members are in focus. What are they doing right now? How are they contributing to the Energy Transition? And which challenges and opportunities lay ahead?

1. What are you doing right now?

I am working on the integration of Rolls Royce products. We bought the company two years ago. Now the company is integrated, and we must integrate the products.


2. How is Kongsberg Maritime contributing to the energy transition?

We are doing a lot. The energy transition in the shipping industry will be a large contributer in the transition, and we are committed to deliver all of these future solutions except from fuel and engines.

3. What are the biggest challenges and opportunities in the future?

The opportunities lies in the fact that green shipping demands investments of a total of one trillion USD, according to Clarkson Research. The challenge is that there is not one solution that will solve alle problems for all kinds of ships. We need a broad approach to make a difference.

4. What keeps you up at night with regards to the Energy Transition?

The fact that too many decisionmakers are too optimistic when it comes to how fast we will be rid of our oil dependency. There is too little investment in oil and too little focus in how dependent we will be on this resource the next 20 years. We don´t understand what it will be to one day wake up and not having access to that energy.

5. What is most valuable about being a member of Energy Valley?

The strength lies in the fact that you gather the whole industry, so that we together can influence the future development.

6. Is there any book that have inspired you in the way you lead?

Winning, by Jack Welch, the former CEO of GE. That´s the bible of leadership. It covers all you need and is full of examples from his work life, that I can relate to whether it is how to treat people or how to develop a good strategy.

7. Which Energy Valley member do you want to pass the baton on to?

I don´t know if he is a member, but he should be: Geir Bjørkeli of Corvus Energy. I just got of the phone with him. I´m impressed with what they have achieved.

Thank you, Egil!